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China Potluck:
3 China Pots

El torneo empieza en::
El torneo empieza en:

The ancient Chinese tale speaks of a magical pagoda hidden in the high mountains and shielded with luscious greenery from the mortal eyes.

Tournaments rules
Tournaments rules
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Only an occasional clink of precious metal breaks the serenity of this hallowed place — it’s the sound of gold filling three legendary Pots that contain all the wealth of the Chinese lands.

An immortal Princess sleeplessly watches over the sanctuary. Will you be able to convince her to let you pass?

April 25-30, play the selection of the 3 Oaks Gaming slots and take part in the China Potluck tournament. The total prize pool is 50,000€.

PS: there’s no wagering requirement. Win and take the money!


  1. Schedule: April 25 (00:00 UTC) — April 30 (23:00 UTC).
  2. Total prize pool: 50,000€.
  3. Tournaments:
    • #1: April 25 (00:00 UTC) — April 26 (23:00 UTC)
    • #2: April 27 (00:00 UTC) — April 28 (23:00 UTC)
    • #3: April 29 (00:00 UTC) — April 30 (23:00 UTC)
  4. Each tournament has a prize pool of 10,000€ for 150 winners.
  5. There is also a special extra prize pool for the leading players — 20,000€ for 450 winners.
  6. Participating games: 3 China Pots, 3 Clover Pots, Lion Coins, Sky Pearls, 3 Coins, 3 Hot Chillies, 3 Egypt Chests, Coin Volcano, Aztec Fire 2, 777 Coins, Green Chilli 2, Egypt Fire, Black Wolf 2, Magic Apple, Lady Fortune, Hit more Gold!, Sun of Egypt, Tiger Gems, Hit the Gold!, Green Chilli.
  7. Qualification:
    • The minimum bet must be 0.2€.
    • The minimum number of spins must be 100.
  8. Winning strategy:
    • Win race: if the player places a 1€ total bet and wins 120€, the player will get 120 points.
    • Multiplier race: if the player places a 2€ total bet and wins 120€, the player will get 120 (win) ÷ 2 (bet) = a 60x multiplier = 60 points.
  9. Wagering requirement: none.
  10. General Terms and Conditions and Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.
  11. The Casino administration has the right to cancel the promo at any time.

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